Abandonment, Meaningful Employment, Stainboy, A Pretty Happening Blog, And Volemania

The Fiery One has gone a long way away, to the far side of the continent, and I am such a pitiful creature when he is gone. I am trying very hard not to fall into the behaviour patterns I have exhibited when he has been away previously. I tend to act like I’m an eighty-year-old shut-in, living from a somewhat centrally located couch or chair, and piling everything I need to survive in a semi-circular radius around me. I also tend to forget to eat when he is gone for an extended period. This time, I have been smart. Starcat has come down to my fair city for a visit, and so rather than finding myself abruptly abandoned, I am being eased through the first stretch of my three weeks alone by a supportive houseguest. Starcat has been really good about not doing too much eye-rolling every time I mention what the Fiery One would do or say or has done and said. (Starcat just informed me that his lack of eye-rolling is due to the fact that he is physically unable to accomplish it and is not due to being good). Two days down and only sixteen more days to go before old Fiery returns from the east. I am hoping that I will keep up with this living humanely on my own thing so that he can return to a well-adjusted and adequately fed partner.

I was brainstorming ideas at work yesterday, trying to come up with career ideas that the Fiery One and I could pursue that would be fulfilling in that we’re-actually-doing-something-good-and-meaningful-in-the-world way. What I came up with was simply not workable for either of us, but I liked the ideas. My first idea was that he and I could become avid defenders of a particular species of northern vole, and work desperately to save their waning numbers by hand-feeding orphaned baby voles with eyedroppers on the tundra. No? I guess neither of us knows a thing about voles. Well, how about he and I could champion the rights of patients at the nearly medieval mental hospitals still operating in some eastern european countries, and we would travel the world soliciting funds to build better institutions that would treat their patients humanely and actually offer some hope for psychological recovery. I think we would need degrees in psychology, probably some knowledge of international law, and definitely an idea of what we were talking about. I suppose we are stuck with our current forms of employment for the time being

Something stinks in Burbank, but Stainboy will save the day!

Happy good blog reading!

Vole Links and Facts:
* An adult vole only weighs one or two ounces.
* Voles are prolific breeders. They can have as many as ten litters a years, bearing three to five young in each litter. One female vole held in captivity had 13 litters during her first year, totalling 78 young before she was one-year-old.
* Apparently, voles can cause so much damage in the world that there is a whole website devoted to controlling vole-caused damage.
* A voley blog. Truly.
* Voles are being used in the laboratory to study the neural basis of social attachment (because voles are sooo much like people).
* Baby voles are downright ugly. Maybe the Fiery One and I won’t go defending the species on the tundra.
* There are others out there who are working to save voles! The water vole in Scotland has disappeared from 90% of the sites it occupied sixty years ago.
* There are approximately 70 species of vole according to Bartleby.com.
* There is a humane alternative to killing those pesky rodents in Yardiac.com.
* Welcome to the Vole Appreciation Society.