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Due to an overwhelming amount of mucus and sneezing, the following will have to suffice:

I am a cat lover, truly, but I find it hilarious that anyone took this seriously. Snopes is always good for hoaxbusting, but the humane society, the FBI, and many others must be humourless.

Here is some generally paranoid and possibly quite scary wierdness, if you are into the idea that a lot of things are not coincidental when they pertain to very powerful, interested groups. For more on this vein, go to New World Disorder.

I came across a site about the culture and history of Wales, and it made me think back to an ex-boyfriend of mine who was Welsh. Owain, we shall call him. It was with him that I realized I had a bizarre pattern for dating. A couple of common characteristics of the men I have dated are: 1) myopia was a must, or blindness in one eye, or a lack of proper binocular vision despite having sight in both eyes, and 2) if he had a brother, his brother had a third nipple, or even a fourth nipple, which the mention of would cause serious discomfort for the sibling. I have never once dated a well-sighted fellow, and of the men I have seriously dated, two or three of them had brothers with extraneous nipples. I have never been able to draw a line between these commonalities, but they seem to come as a package for some reason. What fascinates me is that the extraneous nipple thing spilled over into my non-dating life as well. I have a female friend who only found her two tiny extraneous nipples after swimming in a cold lake naked with a friend. She had always dismissed them as funny moles, but her friend saw the little erect mounds, new exactly what they were, and pronounced them nipples.


I am a huge Lynda Barry fan, so I think everyone should read her novel, Cruddy, and listen to her cd called “The Lynda Barry Experience.”

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