Phlegm And Quentin Crisp, God Rest His Soul

This one is likely to be quick, if not short, because the pain of living is too much with me today. Yes, folks, the terrible virus that befell me over a week ago is savaging my lungs as we speak. I am not normally big on advertising for monstrous companies such as Wyeth, but a certain liqui-gel form of their cold and sinus medication truly rocks. (I was going to outrightly mention said medication, but I read some of their terms and conditions, and in my ill state, I am unable to decipher whether it is actually legally safe for me to mention the product or my like of it, so you will have to do your own research to alleviate the symptoms of your own evil virus, if you have one (with a doctor’s consent, of course)).

Over the course of my bus rides to and from my home city this last Thanksgiving weekend, I read the entirety of The Stately Homo: A Celebration of the Life of Quentin Crisp, edited by Paul Bailey. It is a quick and entertaining read, containing some quoted text from Quentin Crisp’s own writings, although most of the text is anecdotal from friends, admirers, and critics. I bought my copy for a whopping 99 cents, though, so you shouldn’t take my word for it.

Quentin Crisp Facts and Links:
* A lot of bits on the man.
* The man was imminently quotable.
* Another short biography for your edification.
* “The Onion” actually interviewed Mr. Crisp!
* Chris Mitchell from Spike magazine wrote this article after lunching with his queenliness.
* The BBCs obituary at his death, and the slightly delayed one from
* The online Quentin Crisp Museum.
* A list of the movies that he appeared in.

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