I arrived back in Cityville from my sojourn in Cosmopolis just after 8:00 pm last night. The Fiery One had to leave earlier on in the trip to start his work week here, but since I have the week off, I thought I'd stick around Cosmopolis a little longer. Just over two days separated from him was enough for me. You would think that with all the travelling he has done over the last year for his work that we would at least be slightly less sensitive to spending some time apart, but apparently we are too pathetically codependent for that.

I had a good time in Cosmopolis, even though I did not get to see Ray as I had planned. I hung out with Batty, Starcat, and Frances for the most part, eating way too much rich restaurant food and imbibing far too many pints of ale. As a result of my excesses, I have driven myself right back to the illness I had almost left behind, but at least now I feel that the swollen sinuses and chest congestion and general malaise are worth something.

It's nice to be back at home and still on holiday, sipping on hot coffee, waiting for the cold medication to kick in, and fiddling around with the computer uninterupted. In fact, the rest of this entry is a testament to just how much fiddling around I've been doing this afternoon. Enjoy.

I have been playing around with Photoshop, because I am working on a couple of templates for people and am creating the images for them. I needed a break from working on those for a while, because after a time nothing seems to have the proper perspective or colouring or font or proportion, and I have to leave it alone so that I can come back to it with a fresh eye. On my little break, which turned into an hour of playing around with colours and layers and whatnot, I decided to try Dooce's Dorky Dotty Effect. For my photograph, (take a deep breath here) I added a fifth layer of the same solid colour as the second layer over the fourth colour halftoned layer. This brought out the colour a little more for a fuller effect. Behold, the fruits of my eye-numbing labour!

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Defective Yeti gave me fifteen minutes of pure time-wasting geekery, which has resulted in this, my URL ABCs:

Let me know in my comments if you complete the task so I can check out what your URL ABCs are.

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"My Computer" by Charles Bukowski

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