Small reasons why life is not so bad and other things:

  1. I bought a ton of groceries on Monday, and among those groceries there is a tin of Thai chili tuna, some rice crackers, and aged cheddar.

  2. Oskar is finally calming the f@ck down. Half my plants are dead, he has torn asunder all our sock pairings, the glass face has been knocked out of my mantle clock twice, he stands on the Fiery One's throat in the morning, he disrespected one of our paintings by attacking the picture's eyes, my nylons were turned into a shredded mess, he stole the catnip and rolled around in it for an entire weekend when we were away, creosote made unexpected appearances all over the apartment thanks to his love of our fireplace flu, he chewed a button off one of my work shirts, he drinks our coffee. He has been a bad, bad, bad, bad cat. Today, he sleeps. Thank gawd.

  3. I discovered last night that I have a magic magazine. When I bought the groceries I mentioned earlier, I was lured in by a cheap celebrity rag that was priced at a mere $1.89. I never buy this kind of magazine, because I have little interest in people I likely would not cast a second glance at on the street if they weren't famous and therefore imprinted into my consciousness. But it was cheap! And it would go well with ripple chips!

    This magazine is amazing. I keep browsing through it before I go to bed, and every time I open it up, it has all new articles and pictures. Last night, just to make sure, I opened it up at several random places, and each article was completely new to me. Then, I picked a page and kept reading from there for a while, thinking that surely something along the way would ring a bell, but no go. Finally, I flipped to the table of contents. Would you believe that it, too, was new content?

    I have already learned so much: Demi treats Ashton like a child, Charlize wears Christian Dior, Luke Wilson moved to New York, Scarlett has luminous cheekbones, Tori Spelling wears short shorts, Angelina had a manicure, Nicole's wedding has been called off, and fur is back.

    I think I had better throw this magic magazine out before I start to figure out who half these people are. My brain is my best natural resource, and it deserves actual thoughts over unsubstantiated, spoon-fed gossip about people I wouldn't know about if it weren't for pervasive advertising.

    It's still amazing, though, how the thing is so forgettable that I don't even recognize its contents from one day to the next.

  4. There are smart people in the world who make me think, like Gail from Open Brackets, even when I'm running from thinking.

  5. Even though our old computer died and our beloved Photoshop is trapped deep within it, we have GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) on this laptop, and I am still able to get my pictures from Costa Rica cropped and loaded onto Flickr.

    Well, I at least got my first roll onto Flickr, which took up half of my available space there for the month, since I am a lowly free user. At this rate, it will be three months before I get all my vacation photographs online.

    In situations like this, an old friend used to ask me do you think you are a little bird? and then she would say in a high little voice cheap cheap cheap.

    Behold my first roll of film from our trip to Costa Rica.

    And a Costa Rican dog's water dish.

    dog's water bowl in Costa Rica