I have a few questions for you, because in a lot of ways, I am not so technologically savvy. (To be honest, I just had to look up how to spell technologically, because I couldn't figure out how many As there were supposed to be in it).

Question #1: What is a mobile phone?
No, seriously. Is that just a cell phone? I think it is, but I don't own a cell phone, and nobody ever asks somebody if they can borrow their mobile. People always ask to borrow their cell. I am going to assume that mobile phone equals cell phone. You can all stop laughing now. You, the one pointing at me from the back. Fuck off.

Question #2: What is a mobile pod exactly?
There are these new things, or maybe not so new, how would I know, called mobile pods. I know about them, because I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from a site that offers mobile pod subscriptions to mobile phones, and they were wondering if I wanted to offer a mobile pod of my weblog. I was all up for this mobile thing, but what was it? People will be able to read my website as a whatsit on their whosits? I have come to the belief that a mobile pod is simply a way of creating access to my website over cell phones. Am I right?

Question #3: Have you heard of the company called SMS.ac?
I had never heard of them before, but then I'm not even sure what a mobile phone is. They are the ones who contacted me. They seem nice. I've been assigned a representative who deals directly with me and my account. When I ran into trouble creating my pod, which wasn't hard, because I found their site was not always very self-explanatory, they helped me out right away. They didn't even get sarcastic with me when I said that I couldn't see things that were clearly on the screen. So, I want to know if this was a smart or stupid thing to do, this mobile pod thingamabobber.

Question #4: Is there anything else I should know?
I have to ask this, because I have no idea what I should know. I don't even know how to work a cell phone and have to ask how to do it every time I ask Red if I can use hers. Tell me what you know about this mobile pod crap. Tell me what you think about it. Is it good? Bad? The wave of the future? Completely unnecessary?

Despite my ignorance involving things that begin with the word mobile and this company I've been contacted by which deals with things mobile, I've signed up and created a mobile pod of my weblog for mobile phones. It costs $1 a month for a subscription, which I guess makes sense if you want to read it on your subway commute or when things get boring in public or when you want to read it from your office but your dictator boss is monitoring all the internet activity and would fire your ass for taking a little you time. That's why the mobile pod thing, right?

Obviously, I need some tech geek support. Any takers?

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