Cab Driver: Is it cold enough for ya?
Schmutzie: Definitely. I can't believe how cold it is.
Cab Driver: Cold? What are you talking about? If you think this is cold, you don't know cold. I've walked two miles in -45°C weather. This isn't cold. [snorts, chuckles, breathes emphatically]
Schmutzie: Yeah, I guess I've been through worse weather. [rolls eyes]
Cab Driver: Hey, is that a new grocery store there?
Schmutzie: Yep. It's all organic. [cringes inside, waits for smarm]
Cab Driver: And it all looks like crap, too, I bet. Who cares if it's organic if it's not fresh? A restaurant would never serve food that looked like what they've got in there. What would you rather eat, a rotten vegetable or a fresh vegetable? I know what I would eat. [snorts, chuckles, breathes emphatically]
Schmutzie: Fresh, of course. We mostly go there for the farm-fresh eggs, because they taste better. Their yolks are a crazy shade of yellow. [cringes, self-loathes for speaking, regrets]
Cab Driver: Show me an egg that doesn't come from a farm. [chuckle, snort] I get mine from the grocery store near my house. Every egg they sell comes from a farm. Their yolks are even yellow. [snorts, breathes emphatically, grins self-satisfyingly, chuckles, shakes head]
Schmutzie: [grits teeth, holds tongue] Thanks. You can let us out here. [indicates an apartment building, feels waves of relief]
Cab Driver: You live here? These places are old. Does the plumbing even work anymore? Now, the place I live in is built really well. Places like this, though, I don't know how they keep standing after...
Palinode: [interrupts, averts violence, displays brilliance] So, how much'll that be?
Schmutzie: [swiftly exits cab, grinds knuckles into trunk of the car, does not maim or kill, growls under breath] I could fucking kill that guy and his sarcasm. Fucking. Kill.

The taxi pulls away from the curb.

Palinode: How are you doing? Are you okay?
Schmutzie: I'll live. Do you think that guy has any friends?
Palinode: Yeah, but they're all severe alcoholics.
Schmutzie: You know what? I fucking love you.

The above conversation was written as a therapeutic exercise to rid myself of its residue. The exchange with that cab driver has been stuck in my head for over a week now, knocking around in my brain with its pointy corners. It has been replaying itself over and over in my mind like that Wham! cassette tape I obsessed over in 1984, only it's the cabbie's snorting and self-satisfied chuckling that pipes through my thoughts.

This obsession I've had with this cab driver makes me think: if this is the worst my brain has to throw at me right now, especially at this time of year when I am most prone to angsty depression, I am confident that the 5-HTP I've been taking must be doing me some good.

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