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This one is for Blackbird, because for some reason she's fun to bug with a particular idea. The Fiery One started it when he came up with the idea in an entry in September, and then he couldn't help but do it again in this entry earlier this month. Now, it has become kind of funny to reminisce about Blackbird's aversion to the topic.

Do you remember how Blackbird reacted to [the idea]?

Oh, yes. And when she commented that [the idea] was freakin' her out?

Yeah, that was funny. She's cute when she's freaked out. Do you think she minds?

Ah, no. Well, maybe. It's still funny.

And so I give you yet another photograph of my old Underwood typewriter, but this one is special, because it is titled with thoughts of our dear Blackbird in our hearts:

the robot vagina

"The Robot Vagina"

This Is Me In a Bell