The following is a list of things that I have wanted at various times in my life, some of which I have seen come to pass:

  1. Eggplant to be less prone to going all mushy is that slimy way it has.

  2. An anatomically correct Ken doll.

  3. An idea for a great novel to pop into my head whole and executable.

  4. To be a better poet, a great poet, and that poetry was respected instead of being sneered at and joked about as though it were all high school mash/suicide notes.

  5. A bright red vintage bicycle.

  6. It not to hurt to find out that someone is not who they portrayed themselves to be.

  7. Purple tissues to be in the mix in the Kleenex box with the assorted tissues.

  8. A tallish blue glass vase that is not in the least bit square or rectangular.

  9. A self-cleaning house. I used to dream of a custom-built house that was made mostly of poured cement. Every few months I envisioned that I could simply remove the furniture from a room, hose it down (there were drains in every room), and bring the furniture back in when it was dry.

  10. Someone to cook all my meals for me.

  11. A personal dark room.

  12. The perseverance to finish a knitting project.

  13. A baked potato. I love baked potatoes. I sometimes make them instead of popcorn.

  14. A bathtub the size of a swimming pool. When I was seven, I thought this would solve my problem with having to come in from playing outside, because I would be able to combine outside fun with the boring necessity of bathing.

  15. To be immortal. Now, though, I am not so into that. Things with no end in sight = drudgery. I think I only wanted to be immortal because the heaven I was told to believe in seemed to tortuously boring.

  16. Breakfast for supper.

  17. A baby koala. I often have one to take care of in my post-apocalyptic dreams, and it's a terribly sweet thing to have tucked into the hood of your pullover.

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