10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 2–8 July 2016

Jane Elliott, an activist and educator, asks a room full of white people a very simple and revelatory question.

  1. Here are some concrete ways for white people to support Black people.
  2. Invisibilia's moving podcast episode "The Problem with the Solution" speaks about unique and disarming ways of dealing with mental illness and healing.
  3. Did I mention that I absentmindedly put my ice cream in the cat food bowl this week? Human beings are hilarious.
  4. Sometimes, even those within minority communities need help figuring out how to support each other, and trans people are no different.
  5. I've become a fan of the Gboard app for my iPhone this week, because it's much more than a keyboard.
  6. Canadian Muslims gave a generous $250K Eid gift to the citizens of Fort McMurray.
  7. No one is unreasonable.
  8. Here's why an article that says a scientific study is proof that we're close to a cure for cancer may not mean that much.
  9. Witness the construction of the shittiest shed ever in existence and feel much joy.
  10. I already know this, being that I am a cat lady, but most people aren't aware that house cats are actually quite social, and they're big on communal living.