10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 25 June – 1 July 2016

  1. On Reddit, a 15-year-old brother is worried about what to do when his younger sister gets her first period, and it is so sweet (and informative).
  2. If you don't know why it matters that the recent Orlando massacre happened in an LGBTQ club, this amazing 99% Invisible podcast episode is a beautiful snapshot of the history behind it. 
  3. You know that overly crisp, soap opera look a lot of TVs give what you're watching? You can fix that.
  4. Carvell Wallace's essay about black travel and migration in the United States places it in a history that is still with us.
  5. That artificial intelligence is largely being created by white men is big problem.
  6. I love having my hatred of open office plans confirmed.
  7. Women athletes who succeed at sports can find themselves subjected to terrible tests to prove their sex, even though there is no evidence of men ever entering women's competitions covertly.
  8. Oh, look! Facebook Pages are now going to receive even less exposure than ever before.
  9. Analysis of the health of Indigenous children in residential schools in Canada shows a link to health issues that disproportionately affect Indigenous people now.
  10. The Regina Food Bank is adding a greenhouse so it can grow fresh food year-round!