10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 10–23 September 2016

  1. The MoMA has published galleries of photos of their exhibitions dating back to 1929.
  2. There was a gigantic data breach at Yahoo earlier in the summer, but we're only hearing about it now. Swell.
  3. Does anyone else think it's weird that Bank of America has anything to say about whether we live in The Matrix or not?
  4. We don't all lose our virginity in the Paris catacombs, thankfully, but it doesn't sound like the worst way to do it.
  5. "If disturbing content no longer shocks, one can still get a charge out of fine-tuning one’s apathy."
  6. This is what animals would look like if their eyes were on the fronts of their heads like ours are.
  7. Saskatchewan has an HIV rate twice that of the national average, and our doctors have declared a state of emergency.
  8. The reason for a lack of information about multiple sclerosis treatments reveals holes in clinical research and why they exist.
  9. The photos alone make these biographies of the water protectors standing up against the Dakota Access Pipeline incredibly beautiful.