10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 3–9 September 2016

  1. The first popular book about sex and contraception was written by a group of Canadian teenagers, and it was illegal.
  2. If you've ever seen me railing against Brad Wall's Sask Party in Saskatchewan, here's some more gas for that fire.
  3. If you're a famous person writing shit about another famous person online, maybe run it by friends before you publish it.
  4. Leslie Jones came back to Twitter!
  5. Internet tracking has moved beyond cookies, and it's good to know just how private you aren't.
  6. We often assume the world is more connected than it is. No internet? Try not even having telephones.
  7. "Honestly I haven’t felt this assaulted by words since I huffed air duster and watched Jello Biafra do a spoken word set about hegemony." = the best sentence I read this week.
  8. Here's a look at life in the water protector camps at Standing Rock in North Dakota.
  9. It's time to stand with the water protectors in Standing Rock.
  10. North Dakota has called in the National Guard to put down the pipeline protest. Oppression at some of its finest.