10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 20–26 August 2016

This is The Hamiltones singing to a goat. It's brilliant.

  1. It turns out that you can't stay in bed forever. Damn NASA for killing my dream.
  2. Color film was created to present lighter skin tones well, and darker skinned people are still losing out.
  3. Look, I'm a fan of The Tragically Hip, so here are a couple of good reads:
     • "The Tragically Hip" by The Pursuit of Happiness' Moe Berg
     • "Joseph Boyden’s seven love songs for Gord Downie"
  4. Whether you liked the way Gawker did business or not, their decline and fall should terrify everyone.
  5. In Saskatchewan, Premier Brad Wall's cabinet has less than 25% women and no minorities but continues to "represent the people".
  6. To celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial, all national parks will be free in 2017!
  7. An unprecedented iPhone spy tool has surfaced, and it's got me pulling out my tinfoil hat again.
  8. Colten Boushie's death has lured more of Saskatchewan's racism out into the light, and we need to talk about that.
  9. Leslie Jones, who played character Patty Tolan in the recent Ghostbusters remake, has been viciously attacked online, and not only because she is part of an all-female lead cast in a formerly all-male lineup but also because she is black, and we need to talk about that, too.
  10. Justin Trudeau has answered ONE's letter to world leaders agreeing that poverty is sexist.