10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 16–22 July 2016

  1. I find how much our brains aren't like computers kind of unsettling.
  2. Flixtape is like making mixtapes for people but with Netflix movies.
  3. Women artists give some pretty great advice about creating and honouring our work.
  4. The On Being with Krista Tippett podcast's episode "Thich Nhat Hanh, Cheri Maples and Larry Ward: Being Peace in a World of Trauma" is wonderfully reinforcing about creating a gentler, kinder world and what it takes.
  5. This tongue-in-cheek bio on British Prime Minister Theresa May's husband is brilliant.
  6. We have access to so many tools online right now, and it might not last, so take advantage of it.
  7. Nintendo is releasing a mini NES with 30 built-in games, and I need one.
  8. Black Canadians are facing similar problems to Black Americans.
  9. I'm a fan of the concept behind White Nonsense Roundup.
  10. When a puppy gets to pick out his kitty, true love ensues.