10 Things and a Pikachu I Liked Enough to Show You: 30 July – 5 August 2016

  1. Remember the dog who sits in a room on fire and says "this is fine"? Well, we all knew that he had to crack eventually.
  2. I rarely write online about the people close to me, and this article about why one woman stopped writing about her children on the internet touches on part of why that is.
  3. Here's what happened to Jessi Cruickshank when fandom on the internet became a culture of bullying.
  4. If you're a fan of fonts, these 100 free ones won't waste your time.
  5. Women rarely talk about toxic shock syndrome, but we should, because many of us use tampons, and this woman lost her leg to it. (I've also met two women that I know of who've had it.)
  6. Is Saskatchewan racist? Oh, just a tiny bit.
  7. As this article states, Toni Morrison invites me to witness the houses she builds even though it is clear that they are not built for me, and that is part of why it is such an honour to read her work.
  8. Most photo filters aren't created with darker skin in mind, but Tōnr is here to make Black and Hispanic skin look good, too.
  9. If you've watched Netflix's Stranger Things (which you should), you might have experienced this great love for Barb.
  10. We all have powers.