10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 9–15 January 2016

I like this cat, of course.

  1. I got lost in Netflix's treasure trove of hidden categories.
  2. This parka is pretty brilliant.
  3. The new social app Peach is another example of why we need to read the Terms of Service.
  4. I watched "George Saunders: On Story" three times.
  5. Newsrooms would do well to train their communities to increase the probability of truth.
  6. There are 8 trans tropes we can do without.
  7. The Supreme Court is allowing former child slaves to move forward with their lawsuit against Nestle.
  8. Google has removed the search tool that allows users to change their geo-location, but there are ways to get around this.
  9. There is finally a great new housing strategy being put in place to reduce homelessness in Regina.
  10. This tweet: