10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 7–13 May 2016

I made this image using Hipstamatics's newest Fashion SnapPak and Instagram's Lo-Fi filter.

  1. What would life be like if you found out that your parents were really Russian spies?
  2. Bodyhacking is fascinating.
  3. The intellectual tension between science and fundamentalist Christian theology is a trip.
  4. The "perfect body" is a lie that shrinks your life.
  5. Facebook's size means it ends up dictating how media companies behave and what drives them.
  6. Girls and women learn that female anger is risky in our culture, which is why it's deeply important to teach girls that their anger is okay.
  7. Wonder if the bias against listening to women is in our heads? Listen to someone who has experienced treatment as both a woman and a man at work.
  8. The outpouring of support for Fort McMurray's evacuees is heartwarming, but it highlights the ugly truth about the Canadian government's continued abject neglect of the people of Attawapiskat.
  9. Ronan Farrow shares a powerful story about being the son of Woody Allen and his thoughts about media's role in silencing victims and normalizing abusers.
  10. I'm into Andrew Bird's "Left-Handed Kisses (featuring Fiona Apple)" (YouTube).