10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 4–10 March 2017

source:  unsplash.com

source: unsplash.com

Frog spit is surprisingly cool. Library Hand is a now archaic but still gorgeous penmanship style that was developed for use in card catalogues to keep them standardized and legible. Charles Darwin's kids drew on his On the Origin of Species manuscript. George Saunders says "…there is something wonderful in watching a figure emerge from the stone unsummoned," and he's right. Please, please, please don't use these words and phrases in your marketing copy. We're going to have to exercise our empathy if we're going to create a more just world, according to Danah Boyd. If you don't think cats are loving creatures, watch this cat try to save its owner from drowning and prepare to be wrong. This is a group of my people of origin (Mennonites!) spontaneously breaking into four-part harmony before a quilt auction. If you think you won't be completely absorbed by this video of people trying to jump off a 10-meter diving tower, you're wrong. And here is the always growing 1945–1970 jazz playlist on iTunes that keeps me humming through my workday.