10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 21–27 May 2016

  1. Finding your perfect notebook is highly important. 
  2. Everyone needs "A Progressive's Style Guide"!
  3. Peter Thiel, a Facebook board member, is the quintessence of the evil billionaire, but Gawker's biting back.
  4. If you ever feel like technology hijacks your mind, you're right.
  5. Netflix is spending 6 billion dollars on content this year, which what I expect in a world where the greater portion of the population lives in unnecessary poverty of some kind.
  6. Men rate shows aimed at women more frequently and much lower than women rate shows aimed at men, so even when it comes to ratings men unnecessarily undermine women's media.
  7. There are some things you just shouldn't say to an LGBT parent, but, after this list, I might laugh at you if you do.
  8. The Tragically Hip's Gord Downie has terminal cancer, and it's a uniquely Canadian heartbreak.
  9. Need a reminder to read the Terms of Service on apps? Check out how deep First Response's pregnancy test app wants to go.
  10. Women everywhere will be unsurprised, but a male mayor sexually assaulted his secretary, and guess which one lost their job? Fuck the system.