10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 20–26 February 2016

Aidan , aka Mr. Handsome Man

Aidan, aka Mr. Handsome Man

  1. "This clip of the Windows 95 launch is the greatest awkward thing ever."
  2. First Nations leaders in Ontario have declared a public health emergency, and it is indeed dire.
  3. This Self-Knowledge Questionnaire from The Book of Life is enlightening.
  4. Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $72M in a case linking talcum powder to ovarian cancer. The connection has been known for years, Johnson & Johnson stayed quiet about it, and this is why the world is so terrifying.
  5. People have been up in arms lately about the wood that's in a lot of the parmesan cheese out there, but we've been eating wood for decades already, if this article from The New York Times in 1985 has anything to say about it.
  6. I think I may have met some of these 32 anti-feminist types before.
  7. "Al Jazeera America’s pending closure is but one dismal entry in a long-running journalistic dance of the dead." Sniffle.
  8. Noizio is an ambient sound app that lets you mix your own sounds. My favourite right now is October Rain with a touch of Campfire.
  9. Canadians' privacy is so questionable its facepalm-worthy.
  10. This week is befitting of The Ramones' "I Don't Want to Grow Up".