10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 18–24 February 2017

The world is noisier and noisier, so it's nice to play with the most lo-fi publishing platform anywhere: txt.fyi. The 2016 Novelist Income survey results are interesting. I recently started listening to Kelsey Lu, and she's a pretty phenomenal listen. Seven earth-sized planets have been discovered orbiting a single nearby star, and three may be habitable! "Being doomed is for amateurs" is a brilliant thing George Saunders said in an interview. I don't know anyone who does what Daryl Davis does about racism in this episode of Love + Radio, and it's pretty amazing. Apparently, writing poetry is good for you. The future of face recognition technology is creepy. Sometimes you just need a good nonsense word, and this is a good place to find them. And? Art can be as simple as repurposing your take-out container.