10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 15–21 August 2015

Behold! The best GIF of all time:

Chaédria LaBouvier's "I Watched 14 Police Officers Take Down a One-Legged Homeless Black Man Outside Twitter HQ" at Medium's Matter:

This isn’t a video of a man getting killed. Some might watch this and think in that general, indemnifying way, that this video is an exceptional case of an isolated case of poor policing. I’d have to disagree — and not respectfully — with you.

These incidents are so quotidian, so mundane, that they do not merit a mention in even passing on the local news.

The true size of… lets you see the true size of any country in relation to other countries on a global map, but I'll let Omar Mohammed do the talking with "A simple, interactive tool shows the real size of India, China, and Africa" at Quartz:

In early 2013 James Talmage and Damon Maneice, computer developers out of Detroit, created an interactive map that can help show the true size of nations and continents. Partly inspired by Kai Krause’s map and an episode of The West Wing, TheTrueSize.com shows how distorting the Mercator map projections are.

Kimya Dawson on her new free download, "At the Seams", on SoundCloud:

Very rough version of a new song that I wanted to just share with a few friends until I got a better recording and practiced some more, because I don't play piano but it's not a guitar song. I realized that this is how it is meant to be though. Sloppy and dark and raw and sad and mad. I spent 5 years writing it. It's about messy messy things. All my love to the families and friends of the murdered and the many people fighting everyday for Black Lives and to end police brutality.
LYRICS on Tumblr: kimyadawson.tumblr.com/post/127014339125/

Meaghan Winter's "What Some Pregnancy Centers Are Really Saying to Women With Unplanned Pregnancies" at Cosmopolitan:

Centers increasingly look just like doctor's offices with ultrasound rooms and staff in scrubs. Yet they do not provide or refer for contraception or abortion. Many pregnancy-center counselors, even those who provide medical information, are not licensed. And even some workers who are licensed, such as nurses and ultrasound technicians, repeat myths about abortion and contraception.

Flash back with me to 2006 and Shiny Toy Guns' "Le Disko":

Emily Co's "This Free Cookbook Makes It Possible to Eat on $4 a Day" at POPSUGAR:

The premise is simple: cooking nutritious meals on the tight budget of $4 a day, which is roughly how much the people in SNAP, the [American] federal government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, get allocated each day in food stamps. The result is a beautiful cookbook chock-full of recipes that you can download for free online.

Gabby Bess' "I Feel Bad About My Nose" at Broadly:

"Somewhere on the edge of all our consciousness there is what I call the mythical norm," Audre Lorde articulates in her address at Hunter College, "Difference and Survival," "which each of us knows within our hearts is 'not me.'" That "mythical norm" was a very apparent reality to me. It certainly did not involve my brown skin, my nappy hair, or my unwieldy nose.

Ross Floate's "Come, friendly bots." at Medium's Dear Design Student:

Design isn’t about making things pretty. Design is the deliberate and never-ending task of making things better.