10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 13–19 February 2016

Elan Morgan
  1. So, how much of a narcissist are you? The Narcissistic Personality Inventory test may help you find out.
  2. "The Potato Apocalypse" is a wonderful Twitter rant about the sad state of modern potatoes.
  3. Listen to the Just Between You & Me podcast with Jen Lee and Tim Manley. It is warm and affirming and perfect with tea.
  4. The anti-choice movement has gone far enough that women's bodies are now being described as "pre-pregnant", which is entirely repugnant.
  5. And the so-called "pro-life" stance of American evangelicals is actually fairly recent and is the opposite of what they declared biblical 30 years ago.
  6. It came out back in 2010, but something about Siskiyou's "Funeral Song" (YouTube) is making me play it on repeat all this week.
  7. Laurie White and I had very similar 30s, it seems: "10 Love Mistakes I Made In My 30s That I'll Never, EVER Make Again".
  8. Apple is making a very public deal about how they are defying U.S. security orders to protect our privacy, but do they exhibit the same ethics in China? Shady.
  9. When Huffington Post UK editor Stephen Hull said they don't pay writers because it's "not a real authentic way of presenting copy", I hope he was aware of just how much bullshit he was shovelling.
  10. This Jurassic World trailer remake with wieners (YouTube) makes the world a brighter place.