10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 11–24 July 2015

Naxuu's "Here’s a giant 800-track alt/indie-focused 90's playlist in chronological order" at Medium:

…the playlist is split into three parts: 1990–1994, 1995–1996, and 1997–1999. They’re respectively around 300 tracks, 200 tracks, and 300 tracks, for a total of 800 tracks. The total running time is around 55 hours. I want to stress that it’s chronological on a micro level, with few exceptions.

I love this very much.

Zip's "My name is only real enough to work at Facebook, not to use on the site" at Medium:

I always knew this day would come. The day that Facebook decided my name was not real enough and summarily cut me off from my friends, family and peers and left me with the stark choice between using my legal name or using a name people would know me by. With spectacular timing, it happened while I was at trans pride and on the day the Supreme Court made same sex marriage legal in the US.

Sarah J. Bray's "Attention is not our currency" at Gather the People:

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article that garnered some attention. It has been shared a few thousand times (that I know of), and two major media outlets have asked to publish it. It is also being translated in German.
When we watch things like this happen for other people, we assume they know something we don’t – they have a connection somewhere or some kind of tactic they have successfully executed. I don’t think this is true.

Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong. But what if we're wrong about that? "Wrongologist" Kathryn Schulz makes a compelling case for not just admitting but embracing our fallibility.

Lisa Wade, PhD's "Less than 1% of Women Regret Their Decision to Have an Abortion" at The Society Pages:

A new article reports the findings from a longitudinal study that followed 667 women who had early- and later-term abortions for three years after their procedure. Dr. Corinne Rocca and her colleagues asked women if they felt that the abortion was the “right decision” at one week and approximately every six months thereafter.

Caitlin Dewey's "Men who harass women online are quite literally losers, new study finds" at The Washington Post:

Male players who were good at the game also tended to pay compliments to other male and female players.
Some male players, however — the ones who were less-skilled at the game, and performing worse relative their peers — made frequent, nasty comments to the female gamers. In other words, sexist dudes are literally losers.

Rhik Samadder's "Kitchen gadgets review: the Egg Master – a horrifying, unholy affair" at The Guardian:

I can’t look at it, let alone eat it. To stall, I consult the badly photocopied handbook, which suggests other delicious treats this baby is good for. Egg Master Egg Crackers, which is mixed-up crackers, egg and cheese; Egg Master Egg Dog; PB&J (peanut butter and jelly) Egg Master, and the tantalising Cuban Egg Master. It’s a dossier of culinary hate crimes…

Married to the Sea's "This Existence Is a Prison" comic, which for some reason fills me with giddy joy. I am fairly certain that this is the wrong reaction.