10 Things (and a Video) I Liked Enough to Show You: 8–14 October 2016

Jim Carroll's "People Who Died" from his 1980 album Catholic Boy is a classic worth dancing to.

  1. While calling out racism and sexism up front can be effective, subtler methods often work better in personal interactions.
  2. Facebook and Twitter have been feeding your user data to a surveillance company. NOT GOOD.
  3. I know it sounds crazy, but you can help Nigerians by using your voice through ONE's Make Naija Stronger campaign. Sign this petition and advocate for better health for all Nigerians.
  4. Postlight's "Podcast #33: A Conversation with Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand, Part One" digs into curiosity and crooked career paths.
  5. Zoey Roy is confronting cultural appropriation where it stands. Go, Zoey! (Also, why does this have to happen every Halloween in the 21st century?)
  6. "The great thing about writers who are not alive is that you don’t meet them at parties." —Fran Lebowitz
  7. The father of C and co-developer of Unix, Dennis Ritchie, has died.
  8. Here's some good advice for how to keep moving forward when all seems lost.
  9. The New York Times wrote a brilliant response to Donald Trump's retraction request. This was the most satisfying thing I've read this month.
  10. Curtis Sittenfeld's essay in honour of her best friend is sweet and sad and celebratory, and we would all be so lucky to have a friendship like this.