10 Things and a Video I Liked Enough to Show You: 24–30 September 2016

  1. If you know about the spoons theory, then you need to help out its original creator. She needs her smile back.
  2. Remind me about design thinking the next time I'm stressing about my life.
  3. Bloggers with overly stylized Instagram photos look more like ads than ads do now, because the advertisers are ahead of that game.
  4. The Saskatchewan government could prevent more drunk driving deaths, but they just haven't chosen to do it.
  5. Yahoo! has preferred to risk our security rather than inconvenience anyone under Marissa Mayer's watch. Nice.
  6. Twitter continues to deliver product improvements no one asked for while doing little about its biggest issues that contribute to waves of hate speech online and off.
  7. France has banned plastic dishes and cutlery. I want this everywhere!
  8. This 1950s video will give you a much-needed education in how to undress in front of your husband.
  9. You Star Wars nerds might need an R2-D2 french press.
  10. Here are 101 ways to cheer yourself up.