10 Things (and a Video) I Liked Enough to Show You: 12–18 November 2016

The links in this one veer fairly serious and occasionally dark, so hit play and shake it off with some Jack White:

  1. The Jesus and Mary Chain are coming out with their first new album after 18 years.

  2. Nearly 50% of Americans get their news through Facebook's algorithm, and that's a problem.
  3. Under Trump, it might be a little more open season on user data, so here are some ways to improve your privacy.
  4. Ontario is going to test the implementation of basic income. Exciting!
  5. George Takei, who once lived in an American Japanese internment camp during WWII, calls for active civil engagement.
  6. Rules for surviving autocracy might be useful to you now.
  7. Twitter has introduced features to crack down on abuse, but the features merely hide abuse from view on a user by user basis, which could present more danger than relief.
  8. If you thought the worst of woman-hating far right politics was just in the States, you're wrong. Women are being squeezed out of politics in Canada now.
  9. Noam Chomsly knows a lot, and he's freaking me out.
  10. Worried about the president-elect but don't know what you can do? HOLY FUCK THE ELECTION will point you in directions that work for you.