10 Things and a GIF I Liked Enough to Show You: 18–24 June 2016

  1. Ever feel like you need better words for your feelings? Here are a few to help you out.
  2. Reddit's voting structure supports a prominent far right standpoint.
  3. Can we reclaim a democratic digital future?
  4. Do your customers know what they want? Probably not.
  5. It's too bad that StarWipe is over, because articles like this are SHINY PIECES OF BRILLIANCE.
  6. Facebook thinks text is basically dead, but they're dead wrong.
  7. Engage is Twitter's new app for higher ups to engage with the other higher ups and avoid the rest of us rabble.
  8. I love articles about not being parents, because it's not a much talked or written about experience outside of issues with fertility.
  9. History through the lens of an archived internet would change history.
  10. Alice Bradley read my poem "You Will Be Loved Again" out loud on League of Awkward Unicorns, and I was so touched.