10 Things (and 2 Videos) I Liked Enough to Show You: 15–28 October 2016

  1. An archive of GIFs from Yahoo's GeoCities, 1994–2009, is what we need.
  2. If you wonder why I go on about guarding your privacy online, it's things like social media platforms helping police target black people that inspire me.
  3. Women in Iceland left work 14% early to protest the 14% wage gap.
  4. "If we are to continue to live for the future, and to make the chief work of the mind prediction and calculation, man must eventually become a parasitic appendage to a mass of clockwork." —Alan Watts, via Brain Pickings
  5. Looking for a new true crime podcast? Here's one that explores the death of one of Canada’s MMIW.
  6. B.C. Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation linked its Kitimat LNG offer to continued funding for vulnerable children, because it is not beneath Canadian politics to threaten the welfare of indigenous children over money.
  7. Gord Downie has a kindness and optimism I wish I possessed. Watch his exclusive interview on CBC.
  8. I rarely mention my atheism because of the aggression that's exhibited by some of the more vocal out there, but Alain de Botton gives it a much better, richer, and heart-filled face in this episode of On Being with Krista Tippett.
  9. I like the idea of body-roaming robots. They'd be like pets!
  10. This campaign ad from Texas is adorable.