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is, quite simply, the best Christmas present I did not know I wanted. All hail the Palinode.

Some think that this "...chunky camera made almost entirely of plastic has been put on this Earth to save us." Wikipedia describes it as a "... very inexpensive, medium format box camera appreciated for its low-fidelity aesthetic..." whose "... often bizarre photographic results ... have ironically popularized the camera with an international audience." Me? I love its simple switches and that it leaks light and that its lens cap snaps on like a margarine container lid and that the whole thing seems to barely hold together. It weighs less than 200g without batteries and does just about nothing mechanically.

Some people have been able to capture beautiful photographs with this lo-fi phenomenon: David Niles, those populating the Holga Flickr pool, C. B. Smith, and Arthur Liou are a few. Their pictures make me want to holga like it's 1999.

It can be modified at home to suit your needs, which just has childhood science experiment written all over it.

In short, I am in love with a light-weight chunk of black plastic. And it doesn't even vibrate.