In case you were wondering about our poor, yowling cat, (which you must have been, because the whole world is focused on our new kitty, don't you know), he's doing slightly better. But first he did worse, and worrisomely so.

When both the Fiery One and I were finally up and moving around on Saturday morning, little Oskar was not. He remained curled up on the bed in this hot little ball. When he finally did get up to investigate our ablutions, because he's terribly fascinated with all things bathroom, he stumbled across the hall sneezing with his eyes half shut, occasionally pausing to rub at his nose vigorously with one paw. It looked like a pretty serious hangover.

Even without the aid of a thermometer, we could feel how hot his little body was, so instead of meeting friends for coffee, we trundled off to the vet with Oskar crying from his pet carrier. According to the vet, he has an upper respiratory virus and/or infection, so she gave him an injection for his high fever and a bottle of antibiotics. She also said that Oskar is very small for his age. Judging from his teeth, he has to be at least five months old. Five-month-old kitties are supposed to weigh about 5.5 pounds, and our sneezy Oskar only weighs in at 3.7 pounds. It's not that he's underweight. He just has a really small frame.

Since then, he's been sleeping almost non-stop, interrupted only with short periods of his usual yowling and twice-daily forcible pill-ingestion. Luckily, he's a gentle cat by nature, because his relative compliance makes having to pin him down and force his jaws open that much less guilt-inducing. He's amazingly good at separating the tiny pill from the rest of the food in his mouth and spitting it out. Last night, we shoved the pill in, and when we were sure that he had swallowed it, we fed him a couple of cat treats. Some chunks of cat treat fell out of his mouth while he chewed, and then out fell the small white half-moon of the antibiotic pill. I had checked his mouth myself before feeding him the treats, and that pill was gone, I swear. Personally, I think he's pulling that old psych patient trick and holding them under his tongue until he can spit them out in a plant when we're not looking.

I am actually quite worried about Oskar, to be truthful. He so little, and he's been sick since we brought him home. He barely plays, cries mournfully, and sleeps every chance he has. On the upside, he uses his litter perfectly, has been pooping regularly over the last three days, has a decent appetite as long as the food is super stinky, and his skinny belly is even starting to fill out. So, although I am sure he's not on his way to the great beyond just yet, I feel so bad for the little guy. His right eye runs constantly from the irritation in his nose, and his sneezing fits are so bad they sometimes knock him right off his feet.

It's true about the sneezing fits. Yesterday, the force of his sneezing threw him off the sofa. At 2:00 am this morning, he had a series of convulsive sneezes that woke both the Fiery One and me up. It was educational, really. We learned that every time a cat sneezes, its claws extend, as was evidenced by the painful raking my back endured while he had that long fit at that wee morning hour. To save both Oskar and I from the tyranny of his irritated nose, I rolled over and gave him a vigorous face rub, which seems to be the only thing that offers him any relief. And then I kissed his forehead. And then he disgorged much snot on me.

I am such a freaking sucker for the disgusting ones, gawd love him.

Would you believe that, after losing my template less than a week ago, I just lost it again this morning? It's true. Blogger had a conniption this morning and shut itself down right when I was making a minor change to a sidebar link, which for some reason erased all the code past my cursor. Would you also believe that, even though I saved a copy of this template in a file last week to ward against spending hours rebuilding it again, I could not find a copy of my template anywhere? This is also true. And, just for good measure, MY BROWSER SHUT DOWN JUST BEFORE I SAVED THE FINAL CHANGES ON THIS MORNING'S REBUILD. Bloody hell.

Is somebody trying to tell me something?

"Coughing Flowers" by Nyein Way

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