Dear Internet,

I am presently away on holiday, escaping the dusty confines of prairie faux-urbanity for a much more city-like but still dusty Cosmopolian experience. Despite the fact that Cosmopolis is much more city-like, I have not found myself near a computer until this moment, and likely won't again until my return.

In what brief moments I have left here, here is a list of my activities since leaving Cityville to arrive in this city, the house of my youth:

  1. I took a three-hour bus ride across brown, early-spring prairies. My seatmate was a large man who kept trying to segue from silence into conversation with statements like my legs are stiff and these chips are too salty.
  2. I drank rye and watched hockey with my father. I couldn't tell the teams apart, but one guy bled on the ice, so it was enjoyable. I like the way blood gels and stays in neat circles on a hockey rink.
  3. My friend, greeneggsandtam, hosted her annual Maundy Thursday party. A bottle-and-a-half of Wild Pig later, I was reading her my poetry out of my moleskine notebook while chainsmoking. Pictures are forthcoming (of the party, not of me waxing pathetic. Thankfully, I had left my camera in another part of the house).
  4. I had coffee and then beer with Starcat, Frances, Batty, and the Fiery One. Frances is due to give birth on Sunday, so it has been wonderful to visit with her before she sprouts a sprog. Pictures of her will follow shortly.
  5. I came across a business called the "Scientific House of Watches". Again, a picture will arrive here in a couple of days.

That was all very what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation. When I was a kid, I used to see groupings of photographs with clusters of rocks and shells and shellacked leaves glued around them to commemorate someone's time on holiday. My memorabilia piece from this weekend would have photographs of people drinking beer and martinis surrounded by plastic bunnies, felt monkeys, beer coasters (Strongbow has some nice ones out right now), and blue and green yarn from the baby blanket I am knitting for Frances.

Now, my Internet, our time is up at this computer, and I have the last bit of my weekend to face with more coffee, more beer, and a polite Easter dinner with my parents and my religious grandmother.

This letter has been a delightful break from Easter festivities, if boring as piss.