Grace In Small Things: Part 1 of 365

1. Learning to crochet amigurumi

2. The way even a little bit of snow softens the sound of city traffic on a quiet Sunday morning

3. Locally-made, hot, Italian lamb sausage with syrup and a soft-boiled egg

4. The Palinode

5. The snarfly fart noises my cat, Oskar, makes when he sucks spit through the fur on his hind legs

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace in Small Things.


Elan Morgan

Elan Morgan is a writer and web designer who blogs from and works from, spreads gratitude through the social network, and speaks all over. They have been seen in the Globe & Mail, Best Health and Woman's Day magazines, TEDxRegina, and on CBC News and Radio. They believe in and work to grow both personal and professional quality, genuine community, and meaningful content online.